Equation using wrong bytes?

So I'm looking for tire pressures and I think there is an issue?

PID: 0x222815
Eq: (((256+A)+B)/3+22/3)

Data: 7e862281502c8

Race chrono is taking the 15 and 02 for A and B. I think it should be taking the 02 and c8. 15 is part of the PID return data (622815).


  • RaceChrono and Torque app equations are not compatible. RaceChrono's "A" will point to the third byte in the CAN-Bus payload which is 0x15 in your example.

    You can manually define the response header to be 0x622815, and then the "A" will point to the 0x02.

    Also I think your equation is wrong... (256*A)+B will make more sense.
  • Thanks for responding. I actually was testing the equations in Car Scanner on iOS, but they are all 3 similar with different syntax.

    I just moved the letters down one. Change A to B, B to C. But yes, I meant that to be a multiplication sign. (256*B)+C… worked fine.

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