something is wrong with standing start area.

hi, something seems wrong with the Standing Start Area.I share with you a screenshot of the starting area, they are 2 dirrerent runs at the same day with the same gps racebox mini and racechrono pro.Both of them have accurary 0,40 m and satelites are 16.


  • Fixed but it needs to adjust the possition manually

  • Hi, can you explain in words what do you think is wrong with it?
  • Aol, i dont know why but i made those adjustments to be exactly at the correct starting point of this hillclimb.

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    The "Standing start" allows the start from anywhere within that round marked area. If you want to restrict starting from smaller area, then just make the start area smaller. Looks like it's working as expected. GPS inaccuracy will add variance to the actual starting points.
  • Aol forget the Standing start, i changed the start line as you can see in my last photo.I reset all the alignments to default settings.The start line of this hillclimb was exactly at the first white line and as you can see the datalog starts 3-4 m away from that line.

  • Now i correct the position of this run manually but every run needs different position corrections.

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