Racechrono query for a Nokia 5800

I have recently started to use racechrono on my nokia 5800 xpressmusic and on my PC to make viewing easier and would like to know if there is a way of viewing the speed &
g-force read-outs etc.. as numerical digits or in dial form that i could then overlay onto a video of my laps using a suitable movie editting program


  • You need RaceChrono2AVI. Scroll down in the forums here and you'll find the forum for it.
  • Thanks for that, this is obviously the right thing i need but i am not quite sure how to use it - do i run it alongside Racechrono or does it replace the original on my phone
    I downloaded the manual but i guess i am not quite at that stage yet
    Thanks for the help
  • Can anyone clarify this for me please
  • It doesn't run on your phone. You run the program on your Windows computer. Double-click the setup EXE to install it. It will put a link in your Start Menu to the manual in the RaceChrono2AVI folder.
  • Hi Andy
    Thanks for the info, i had already got that far and printed off both the Guages configuration & program manuals, i'm just not clear on how i input my graph data from racechrono into this racechrono2 to make my data show as speedo & digits and not just graphs.
    If i am talking rubbish here please accept my apologies i am usually quite good with this kind of stuff but this is loosing me a little bit
    Thanks for any help you can give though
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    Hi Darren. Once you get the hang, it's quite easy, but I can see how to get lost along the way the first time. Let me try to guide you through.

    1) Record a session in RC as you always would or already have
    2) Start RC and select "Previous sessions" -> The session you want -> "Traveled route"
    3) At the bottom click on "Export route" -> Type
    4) Select "Spreadsheet (.csv)"
    5) Select the apropriate scope (.ie "All laps") and leave "CSV separators" to "Standard"
    6) Click "Start"
    7) If done with the PC version, the file will be in: "My Documents\RaceChrono\Exports" if done on a device, you'll have to copy it to the PC now. Can't help you there :)

    You're done with the RC bit. The RC2Avi manual should cover you from here pretty much. Just locate the exported file and open it as the manual describes.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks very much, that gives me something to go at for now, i will post again on progress
    Kind regards
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