Hi i'd like to know if this application is supported by all types of smartphones using sybian or just the mentioned in the "download" area. For example, the sony-ericsson satio mobile is mentioned when the vivaz isn't despite using the same software (if i'm not mistaken..). Thanks in advance, George.


  • I think Satio should work. Haven't tested though. The UIQ Symbian phones don't work.
  • AOL sorry to bother you again, but would you happen to know if RC works with HTC mobiles, like the HD2 (windows 6.5)? I'm curious because you don't mention HTC mobiles at all in the application's supporting list..
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    I do mention Windows Mobile in general as there are too many models to list. Also I have very few Windows Mobile phones to test on, so I rather don't mention specific models as there might be problems.
  • Thanks again for your time! I will report back when I install it to my htc..
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