Can't get ELM327 bluetooth OBD to work - reader problem or car problem?

Without reading enough, I went and bought this ELM327 bluetooth OBD reader:

It seems to be able to read the engine RPM of my 2001 Renault Clio ok (as well as some other info, but RPM is really the main thing I'm interested in), but I haven't got it to work with RaceChrono yet (tried both version for Nokia and version for Windows Mobile), so I'm wondering if it's a reader problem or a problem with the car.

Using v1.13 on the PC, it gives me the following information:

Interface: ELM327 v1.3a
Manufacturer: OBDII to RS232 interpreter
Protocol: ISO 14230-4 KWP2000 (5-baud init)
OBD System: not OBD compliant

I'm wondering if the issue is that the car isn't OBD compliant, or whether it's just that I should go buy OBDKey?

Thanks a lot!


  • Got it to work! Changing the baudrate to 9600, which was the detected baudrate on the PC, seems to have solved the problem.

    Weird, I experimented with it the whole weekend and thought I tried that already.
  • Damn, I thought it was working as the lights on the reader were flashing but when I opened the files there was still no RPM data :(

    I guess the moral of the story is, stick to what surely works.
  • That reader will work, but you will need to link it again once the system is on. The main issue is RC using the passcode of OOOO by default, and that reader uses 1234. So you will need to plug in the ELM327 and then turn on the car. Once the Reader is on, turn on your RC device and go to setting to dicovery the reader. Do not select the pre-built ELM327 in the system, but wait until the unit finds the reader you have. It WILL NOT bind the first time you try, but usually does the second time. It's a pain to get it working.

    For future use, we found that this ELM327 unit works and links up with no issues. It's about the same price as the ELM327V1 you have but it much smaller, easier to plug in, and works out of the BOX with RC.

    We like it so much we are getting rid of all the ELMV1's we have.
  • Thanks mhoward1.

    I sort of gave up on this one and ordered a OBDKey.

    If it works then I should get RPM numers in the .csv export right?
  • Yes,
    it will log the High and low channels you select in the OBDII settings section.
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