Is it possible to control an hardware Racelogic VBOX SPORT with the latest version of RaceChrono and an android HTC phone ?

I search the best precision possible and this antenna have a 20HZ frequency.

Thank for your answers and your help ;)


  • aolaol
    edited July 2013
    Yes the latest version supports VBOX Sport. I have tested it with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Google Nexus S both are easily capable receiving 20 Hz. It should work with most other phones as well but I haven't had the opportunity to test. I recommend using external antenna with VBOX Sport for best results.
  • At what point does a Bluetooth serial connection become saturated and struggle to handle the data?

    With a VBOX Sport running at 20Hz as well as a bluetooth OBDII sending additional data and possibly even a RaceDAC sending additional non-OBDII data at up to 100Hz (I think that's what it supports). That sounds like quite a lot of data being transmitted around the car. Is there a danger that the bluetooth transport will not keep up or that the phone itself (or RaceChrono) wont be able to process all of the data.
  • aolaol
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    The VBOX Sport actually sends less data at 20 Hz than normal QSTARZ receiver at 5 Hz. This is because VBOX Sport uses proprietary binary protocol. Bluetooth 2 can send 3 Mbit/s where the once device like VBOX Sport will send in about 9600 bit/s and a OBD-II reader 2400 bit/s. So there is plenty of bandwidth to be eaten by radio interference etc. That said, some phones (not all) stubbornly limit data rate per device to 9600 bit/s which hurts data rate on devices like Garmin GLO and QSTARZ XT... But VBOX Sport is not affected as I think it's less than 9600 bit/s.
  • Thx a lot for for your help aol ;)

    Now i search the best price over internet :)
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