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Hello, I love the app and I look forward to paying for the full version. I tried Harry's Lap Timer and it was a mess on Android. I really like that I can log both bluetooth GPS and OBDII data simultaneously. I also plan on using the display to show lap times in real time although the logging/export function is the biggest draw.

Some suggestions:
-> There needs to be more OBDII channels. Specifically, would like to see:
Brake Pedal Position
Ambient Air Temp
Miles Per Gallon (it's funny to see it on a track video - getting ~6MPG)
Simple O2 voltage (I have no idea which one to check in that list).

I understand that not all cars report all info, but getting what gear the car is in is a big one.

-> When selecting OBDII channels, it should only show the ones that the car is currently sending, or visually show which channels are not available maybe by graying them out.

-> I use Dashware and I would love all the OBDII data to show up in there. I will play around with it and if I can't get it to work, I'll bug the developer (well, one of them). I know him, haha.

-> When selecting a GPS for recording and there is a another GPS already set to record (internal GPS vs bluetooth GPS, for instance) it gives a warning box "Device not allowed". There should be a button right on that box that allows you to replace and choose that device rather than going back to the conflicting device, turning it off, then going back to the first one and turning it back on. Too many clicks.

-> Fontana Car Course and Fontana Interior are misnamed. The track is called "Auto Club Speedway", it just happens to be located in Fontana, CA, USA. It gets sorted under "F" and is hard to find.

-> First time using the app I was super confused as to how to get it to just work. Would love to actually just have a logging option that doesn't require a track. I know you can just hit "Create new track" but that doesn't make sense to a first time user.


  • I didn't know there was a feature request sub-forum when I posted this. My bad.
  • aolaol
    edited November 2013
    Hi Bossturbo, thanks for the feedback, really appreciated!

    - Do you know the specific OBD-II PID's for those channels you request? Some of them should be already implemented like the Boost (it's intake manifold pressure), and Ambient Intake Manifold. The O2 voltage channel you just have to test, as it might me different on each car... Not sure how to make it simple (so that it would still work properly). I'm using this wikipedia page for the channel names and parameters:

    - If you select the OBD-II channels while recording it shows only ones your car supports. If you select them while not recording, then it shows all. I guess this should be made clear somehow to the user.

    - Agreed about too many clicks when changing devices, I will fix this eventually...

    - You can log without having a track, then there are no lap times, but you can still view the route, gauges etc. Or what did you mean?
  • Bossturbo, the new version of Dashware seems to support the _v2.csv format too (select RaceRender2 as export type). Haven't tested it myself yet, but I will soon.
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