RaceChrono Pro "No Video Available"


I used the RaceChrono app last year and enjoyed it, decided to upgrade to the Pro version so I could record video. Installed it before a lapping day on the weekend, but could not figure out how to get the video recording function to work. The old manual says nothing about video, and the new manual is for a completely separate device.

RaceChrono Pro v3.03 installed on an LG Nexus4 running Android 4.4.2


  • aolaol
    edited May 2014

    Yep, I think I should remove the old manual and create some sort of quick reference for all the functions. Anyway, I'm happy to help through support email and the forum!

    1) You need to start the video recording separately. Once you start a new session, you can switch to the video recording page by swiping the screen to left. If you're in portrait mode you'll see a "rotate" button on the page. Once in landscape mode, you'll see the video preview and big red 'start video recoding' -button. Press that to start video recording. Press again to stop it. Stopping the session also stops the video recording.

    2) After recording the session with video, you'll see the video thumbnails in the session's video page. You can also browse the analysis, and video will appear with the data.

    Notice if you record a video without GPS fix, it currently cannot be played back. Instead it will say "no video available" if you try to click the videos without any data.

  • Aha - That is far too easy! Thanks for building a great app - I only wish the video overlay software worked for Macs!

    Please add your note to the google play page, I can't be the only dummy who couldn't figure it out.
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