Can we set a default configuration?

Can we set a default configuration?
With motorcycle gloves, it's hard to choose each time a circuit and a screen orientation.
Bravo for these very useful soft !


  • Hi,

    1) Track selection: I have item on my TO-DO to use the previously selected track if still at same place etc.

    2) The (automatic) screen orientation of main screen should be used automatically. Does not this work for you?
  • Thanks for your answer.
    I will wait.
    The automatic screen orientation doesn't work for me, because the the smartphone is positioned horizontally on my motorcycle...
    Thanks again.

  • edited October 2017
    Have you tried to lock the phone to certain orientation? The live screen should then start in this orientation.
  • Hi,
    Very simple idea ! Very good idea!!!
  • Although now that I test this, it seems only portrait mode can be locked on my Android phones...
  • Hi, with a android 7.2.8 Pro version I can't no more choose the landscape mode because my smartphone is fixed flat on my motorcycle.
    I dream to have a default configuration for the circuit and orientation !
    Nevertheless I am fan of Racechrono !!!!
  • Thank you for the feedback! Added to the TO-DO list.
  • +1, my "session start/resume" routine starts with unlocking the orientation, turning the phone, locking the orientation again ...just to do it again next time I resume.

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