XGPS150 5hz recording at only 1hz


I have a Dual XGPS150 bluetooth gps receiver. The Receiver out of the box is 1hz but they have a firmware update for it to make it 5hz which is what i did. The firmware update was successful, when i record with RaceChrono it says that is recording at only 1hz. Is it possible for it to be recording at 5hz but only displaying 1hz on the screen? Other than that the receiver works great with the app.

Link to firmware update http://www.xgps150.dualav.com/faq.html


  • When i use RaceChorno2AVI, the g-meter updates only once every second :(
  • It might be you need to do some configuration on the GPS to get it running 5 Hz. RaceChrono just receives the data from GPS on what ever Hz it sending.
  • Hiuys,
    The Dual XGPS150 receiver needs a special string transmitted to it to enable the 5Hz updates. It's been said that Dual won't share the API with Android devs, but it will with IOS devs. Maybe you know of one that can advise you. Otherwise the XGPS150 defaults to the 1Hz update rate. The Dual XGPS160, for example, has a default rate of 10 Hz, so if you are interested in purchasing a new GPS receiver and have a LOT of spare bux, the DUAL 160 is for you.
  • That's correct. I have API now as I have iOS version now, and there's an update rate setting available. I will do this upcoming future versions.
  • Is there some other way to send the string to the GPS unit? If you do, is the GPS transmitting 5Hz for only the current session, or does it transmit at 5Hz always, even after you turn it off?
  • This was already changed in 2017 so that RaceChrono sets the XGPS150 automatically to 5 Hz, in both Android and iOS versions. Let me know if it doesn't work. It works at least on my XGPS150A.
  • I will presume you need to connect to the Dual 150 GPS using the RC bluetooth connection in stead of the normal android to enable the 5Hz updates? So far, I tried connecting to the Dual 150 in the settings screen, and I also tried adding it as a GPS receiver. Which is the more correct way to use the Dual 150? Neither enabled the 5Hz...
    My Dual 150 has firmware 2.1.2 .
  • aolaol
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    @DonC What do you mean "Normal Android"? The way to connect devices in RaceChrono is to press "+Add GPS receiver" in RaceChrono settings. Afterwards the "Internal GPS receiver" should be disabled and the one you added, enabled.

    Pairing the GPS in Android settings does not affect the GPS usage. It merely pairs the device with the OS... But it does not hurt either.
  • Normal Android refers to the internal GPS receiver, or a bluetooth GPS provider
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