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Race Chrono with RaceDAC: How to pickup RPM signal?


i use RaceDAC with RaceChrono and i want to log the RPM Signal.
Unfortunately, RaceDAC does not support RPM pickup by induction at the ignition cable directly. You need a extra module for converting that induced RPM signal into something RaceDAC can read.

Where do i get such a plug'n'play module?


  • Try contacting RaceDAC directly for quickest answer.
  • RaceDAC Answer:
    You need some kind of adapter which picks up the signal from ignition cable, and then gives 0-5V pulse to RaceDAC.

    But no answer if there is a pnp module.
  • Got the answer from RaceDAC now: RaceDAC deos not know a pnp module to pickup rpm from from the ignition cable.
    Anybody else an idea?
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    I'd say you would need a kind of induction pickup (a coil of thin wire near the spark plug wire) that senses the current going through the spark plug wire, then use a high-speed transistor circuit to convert the signal to a square wave, which raceDac can use via its digital input channel. Otherwise, you connect the transistor circuit to the (- side) of the ignition coil, but I don't know how that part works; I think it's a kind of high speed ground switch.
  • Does the gocart have an RPM feed to RaceChrono?
  • This is the product I developed. Includes RPM sensor, water temperature sensor, 10hz GPS. These data are transmitted to racechrono via Bluetooth
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    This adapter is for "traditional" ignition systems where spark plug is connected with spark plug (high voltage) wire to coil, distributor or magneto.
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