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So I have a session and I have a working video. Unfortunately, the session says the link is unresolved. How do I force RaceChrono to select a video file that I have?


  • aolaol
    edited May 2018
    It will display video file links as "unresolved_*" if it did not resolve the video file name while it was connected to the GoPro.

    If you connect to your camera in the video list, it should resolve the video file name, unless the file was touched by GoPro afterwards. Reason for it to touch it afterwards would be repairing a corrupted file after power loss.

    If connecting to camera does not resolve the file name, there's no simple way to replace it currently, although the feature is coming soon. The way to do it is manually sync completely new file. The graph will show the position of the unresolved file, and just aim the new one to the start of that. After you've successfully synced the new file to exact start of the unresolved file, then you can delete the unresolved file. Manual sync tutorial

    PS. The next version will have all files unresolved until connected to GoPro again. But it will also give better clues how to resolve the filenames. And my aim is to give a way to manually resolve them too.
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