RaceChrono v7.1 beta

I've just released RaceChrono v7.1 for Android to the beta group ( https://racechrono.com/article/faq/how-do-i-join-the-beta-group ). If someone is really keen to get the beta for iOS, it could be arranged, but otherwise it will be released production as soon as it's tested.

This version is mostly about fixing various usability issues and bugs.

Change log for RaceChrono v7.1:
- Added remote control support for GoPro 9
- Added support for Bluetooth Smart LNS standard (for example Transystem GL-770, 1 Hz GPS)
- Added analysis adjustment for GPS position shift
- Added analysis adjustment for device delay
- Added “OBD-II response prefix” field to channel editor, to allow all J1850-VPW channels to be recorded
- Added support for lean angle in importing .VBO files
- Added disclaimers for background location access, and built-in GPS usage
- Improved Live screen rotation; replaced the Live screen “Rotate” button with “Unlock orientation” button (Android only)
- Improved Vehicle profile’s test connection and live data
- Fixed: Invalid values were not filtered when importing GoPro embedded GPS data (iOS only)
- Fixed: Scroll bar was missing from multiple screens (Android only)
- Fixed: Further problems with video linking to sessions with one or more resumes
- Fixed: Timer values changed to 0.0 at the end of video, when exporting the last lap of the session


  • Random question, does Racechrono support Mode 23 (read memory by address)?
  • @aaronc7 I don't know. How is that different from polling 01 or 22? If the response is similarly formatted I would not think that's a problem. The maximum request length (PID) is 4 bytes at the moment so that might limit you.
  • @aol an example memory address is d0 00 97 E4

    So the total message should be 05 23 D0 00 97 E4

    So yes I would think that puts me over the limit of 4 bytes on the request side.:(

    Thanks for the response!
  • I could make it 8 bytes for the request easily. I guess that would be enough?
  • Yes, I think that would be a nice change, I can't think of any downsides.
  • Any feedback on v7.1 ?
  • Great with the timing adjustability and GPS drift adjustment!

    What does italics mean in the list of data sources to display in the graph?

    Off season here so not much testing going on currently.

  • When adjusting for GPS drift, I zoom in quite heavily. On each press of either long/lat adjustment the display refocuses to the start/finish line instead of staying at the position I've zoomed in on. For me that resulted in a lot of swiping back to my zoomed in spot, adjusting drift one more click, swiping back to my zoomed in spot and... 😁😁😁

  • @MagnusThome Yeah, I see the problem, I'll look in to it. Workaround would be to scroll the graph to correct position, then it re-focuses to that position.
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    @MagnusThome The italics means a "math" channel, so it's not saved data, but instead data calculated from other channels. Not sure if italics is good for that, but couldn't come up with anything better.
  • Sorry for not responding earlier. I actually blew my engine so I'm only just now getting the car back together and hope to drive it this weekend. I really appreciate you adding the updated VPW support. Once I get my car running, I plan to test support for these custom PIDs! I'm very excited about these!!! Trying to make a track event end Feb 20th. So i've been working hard at it to get it together in time. I will have feedback if I can get to it.
  • Just did a quick test with my bench harness (I've got an ECU and a brake controller on a test harness i made sitting at my desk) and tried the beta. IT WORKS. It properly accepts the PID from the ABS module and can parse it. This is awesome. Now I'll have to test it in the car to confirm its behavior while driving.

    Question, do people on iOS have access to these features as well? I've got a friend who has an iphone with the same car that also wants to datalog these PIDs.
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    @jlvaldez Beta on iOS is quite a bit more work to organise, so I usually only create Android beta, and release the production versions at the same time. The production versions should be out soon, with all these features!

    Thank you for testing it, I'm glad it works now!
  • Sweet. I will let him know.

    If i can get the car running and driving this weekend, I'll do some in car testing but at least it all goods good on my bench setup.

  • The already available automatic syncing of video with GPS data is brilliant. And now you've added automatic syncing of OBD2 data using speed! Worked very very good! You're a star!

  • @MagnusThome Thank you for the feedback and the kind words! I try to do my best :)
  • Hello,
    Thank you for adding the bitsToUintLe function.
    Is it possible to add names to the CAN-Bus Channels list? Or rename proposals from the list?
    I would need to add items specific to the electric car.
    Such as :
    front engine power
    rear engine power
    front engine torque
    rear engine torque
    Battery power,
  • Speaking of brakes and CAN channel names, can we add "Brake cylinder pressure (bar)"?

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    @Marcus54 The channels can be postfixed with a number or Front/Rear/FL/FR/RL/RR, so I will add top level channel names for these.

    @timurrrr it's the same as simply "Brake pressure" right? I try to keep the names as compact as possible

    My list so far:

    Current (A)
    Power (kW)
    Torque (Nm)
    Energy (kWh)
    Engine power (kW)
    Engine current (A)
    Inverter power (kW)
    Engine torque (Nm)
    Battery level (kWh)
    Battery current (A)
    Brake pressure (bar)
    Ethanol content (%)
    State of charge (%)

    Also already added for v7.2:

    Wastegate duty cycle (%)
    Knock correction (deg)
    Air/fuel ratio (no units)

    Anything else? Send more that are missing and I will add them for the next release.
  • Yeah, "brake pressure" would suffice

  • I'll make another plug for the ability to define a custom channel nam

    In order to increase logging speed, I define several standard Mode $01 params in mode $22, and some of those labels are missing...for example, fuel trims, Air/fuel ratio, ethanol content, etc. I also sometimes use Racechrono outside of racetrack scenario for general datalogging, so some params I would prefer to the vehicle specific term for items.

    All of this would be solved by just letting users define their own titles. Even if I can't specific units, I would be happy with that.

    Just a request :) thank you!
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    I will not be adding editable channel names due to various technical and usability reasons, at least not now. Please list the ones you want, followed by the units for the channel, which are not always obvious.
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    I have the latitude and longitude on the car's CAN bus, is it possible to use it for GPS data?

    A list of useful values :smile:
    Intensity (A) -> Front, Rear
    Inverter (KW) -> Front, Rear
    SOC (%)
    Torque (Nm) ->Front, Rear
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    @Marcus54 What does SOC mean? Also what is Intensity used for? While I like compact channel names I'd describe them little more. Like:

    Inverter power (kW)

    The channel names are translated to multiple language, so I need to know what they mean.
  • Yes, sorry :)
    Intensity (A) is the current (intensité in french)
    Motor current
    Battery current

    SOC (%) = Stat of charge
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    There is already Battery level (%), but State of charge (%) is little bit different so I will add that too. I've updated the list in my earlier comment.
  • I edited my CAN BUS equations on my phone, I exported the vehicle profile.
    I imported the profile on the tablet, I have the vehicle characteristics but not the equations.

    However, in the export file (vehicle***.rcz -> vehicleProfile.json) the equations are presented.
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    @Marcus54 please email me some screenshots to tracks(at)racechrono.com
  • @Marcus54 got your video clips, and looks like the CAN-Bus channels are not displayed because your tabled does not have CAN-Bus device configured. This behaviour is from the time CAN-Bus support was merely experimental, and no longer desired, so I will fix it!
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