RaceChrono v7.1 beta



  • I don't have the right result?

    Bus CAN : 45 24 E7 B2 23 F7 05 FC
    in Little endian octet
    FC 05 F7 23 B2 E7 24 45
    0010 1110 0111 0010 0100 0100 0101 = 48702533 = 48.70° OK
  • edited February 2021
    @Marcus54 Yeah, it seems to fail to extract the partial byte... Will fix it for next "hot fix" release.
  • Hello,
    I tried Race Chrono on another phone (Galaxy S5).
    I was unable to enter a channel!
    PID "enter a valid PID value" I type 599, it's transformed into 0x 02 57 but it's invalid I can enter some values like 0500 but no way to put 0599
  • @Marcus54 You're trying to add a OBD-II channel. OBD-II PIDs need to start with 0x22 or 0x01. This is a safety feature, not to mess with writeable PIDs. I believe you wanted to add a CAN-Bus channel right?
  • I understand, sorry,
    I had not activated CAN BUS, so with the importation of the vehicle I have everything.
  • Hello,
    For disconnection from time to time I tried on an old phone (Samsung S5) I only installed RaceChrono.

    With this method I haven't had a disconnection yet.
    I have not activated the ODBlink channels, only the CAN BUS.
    It works fine except that I have permanently the error message at the bottom of the screen "Connecting to OBDLink LX).
    Is it possible to disable this error message?

  • You might have the same device configured twice? As OBD-II and as CAN-Bus? You can have same device configured only once.
  • Ok thank you
    I will test tomorrow...
  • The CAN/OBD vs GPS auto-synchronization is awesome!

    It's unclear what's the difference between "Session start"/"Session resume X" and "Whole session". In my case, even when I use "Session resume", the adjustment only applies to the laps between the previous start/resume and the next resume. Did you intend "Whole session" to mean "All laps"? In that case, there might be a bug; and "All laps" would be a clearer name.
  • It should apply to only the selected fragment when selecting "session start/session resume". If this is not the case it's a bug.
  • Hello,
    When will we have version 7.2 :)
    Thank you
  • @Marcus54 it's done, now testing. Beta version for Android should be out next week, and the production versions for both platforms as soon as it's sufficiently tested :)
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