Tire temperature IR camera updated (RejsaRubberTrac)

edited September 2021 in DIY builds
Just for fun I've added support for the cheaper IR camera sensor AMG8833 to RejsaRubberTrac

So you can build your own IR camera for about €25 per wheel all n all if you buy the two only parts you need from Aliexpress or Ebay.

ESP32 board ca €5
AMG8833 IR ca €20

Currently the source code is here: https://github.com/MagnusThome/RejsaRubberTrac/tree/MagnusThome-amg8833

It looks like this:

And how it looks in Racechrono

Huge thanks to Torben who added support for the cheaper ESP32 boards and Mark for lots of other additions.
RejsaRubberTrac is well tested on track with the Melexis IR camera sensors. The AMG8833 IR camera sensor is tested and works well on the bench but hasn't yet been out on the track for proper abuse :-)


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