Tire temperature IR camera updated (RejsaRubberTrac)

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Just for fun I've added support for the cheaper IR camera sensor AMG8833 to RejsaRubberTrac

So you can build your own IR camera for about €25 per wheel all n all if you buy the two only parts you need from Aliexpress or Ebay.

ESP32 board ca €5
AMG8833 IR ca €20

Currently the source code is here: https://github.com/MagnusThome/RejsaRubberTrac/tree/MagnusThome-amg8833

It looks like this:

And how it looks in Racechrono

Huge thanks to Torben who added support for the cheaper ESP32 boards and Mark for lots of other additions.
RejsaRubberTrac is well tested on track with the Melexis IR camera sensors. The AMG8833 IR camera sensor is tested and works well on the bench but hasn't yet been out on the track for proper abuse :-)


  • PS: How do I add pictures to a post?
  • That looks very nice, thanks for sharing! I've been looking for a tyre temperature solution for a while and this looks likes a setup that is within reach. On the list for the winter projects!
  • If you don't need it running on a small chargeable battery (completely without wires) you can use a cheaper ESP32. I just made a board that contains an ESP32 and a DC-DC converter so you can run it directly on the car battery. The board even autoshuts down when the car is parked so it doesn't drain the car battery. As a bonus it also has CAN bus :smiley:

    Some pictures:


    This is a complete kit with AMG8833 but you can also use the wider field of view (FOV) Melexis IR camera sensor exactly the same. Just connect to 12V and that's it.

  • Perfect! I like to use the car charge for as much equipement as possible, as batteries alway die at the wrong moment :wink:
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    As you've noticed on the forum, my friend Rogier joined in making this work, I'll post some visuals once we get to installing the hardware.
  • Hey, this is great! I'm hoping to add sensors for my track bike, however, I'm concerned about the two sides of the tires rather than the main surface as I need grip in the corners to prevent low/high sides.

    Do you have examples of motorcycle installs? The github seems to be down right now but last I checked (not long ago) you only had examples of car installations.

    I just don't think there is enough room to attach this on the front tire hugger and looking for what people have done. (The tire warmers barely fit in there)

    The rear has more options with the swingarm right there but I'd also love to see those images.
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    I've had it on my road bike, but only on the rear. I placed it behind the license plate holder. It was close enough to get good readings. The front is tricky due to the mudguard, so I just skipped it. But I'm sure it's easy enough to make a holder on front, if you have 3D printer available.
  • After preparing everything this winter I finally got to test the tyre sensor on the circuit! Recorded at the Easter Races on the circuit of Zandvoort, with a sensor pointing to the rear right tyre. Now we know the setup works, the next step is to expand to the 3 other tyres.

  • Hi, i bought this https://www.hellasdigital.gr/go-create/iot-platforms-r-and-d/particle/particle-argon-wi-fi-bluetooth-mesh/ equipped with the Nordic nRF52840 and Espressif ESP32 processors and also Sparkfun IR AMG8833 https://www.hellasdigital.gr/electronics/sparkfun-grid-eye-infrared-array-breakout-amg8833-qwiic-sen-14607/?sl=en.Do you think they will work for tire temp in racechrono?

  • Hello!

    I am trying to access links to Magnus' site and the GitHub site, but looks like there is nothing there?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Go via this page https://github.com/MagnusThome?tab=repositories

    I'll check why the pictures on my own server doesn't work, I might have had a cleanup session too many 🙄

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