PC Software to analyse data?

Is there or will there be any provisions to download this to your PC and analyse the data?

Would be fantastic if so, I love this!


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    Soon RaceChrono will have export functionality to software like Google Maps. Maybe also for some other data logging and analyzing software, if I can find any good ones that are freely available. Stay tuned for new version soon.

    Actual RaceChrono for PC will not exist in near future.
  • Wow. I didn't realise the raw NMAE data is that hard to read. It would be great if there was a utility somewhere on the net to make it a little more readable?

    Like that separates the individual laps and put columns at the top so we know what fields are what. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?
  • I do not have the time at the moment to go through the lists myself, but have found some promising places to search for a suitable program... If anyone finds smth, please let us all know...

    A lot of GPS software links - http://www.maps-gps-info.com/fgpfw.html

    GPS forum 1 - http://www.pocketgps.co.uk/modules.php?name=Forums
    GPS forum 2 - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gps-mapping/
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    Hazza, I don't know such program, but there's some pretty good NMEA instructions around if you want to do some programming: NMEA FAQ. But getting lap times out of that is a bit trickier, since you'd need to do all kinds of calculus.

    It would be great to have support for the "real" PC analyzing software like MoTeC i2, but I guess they will not give me the format which seems quite cryptic.
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    Skyvia, the new v0.41 beta includes a Google Earth export functionality. It's still early version but try it out and tell me what it's lacking. At least it should display straight and corner speeds, and maybe the traveled route should be colored by the speed / altitude / etc.

    Hazza, try out the CSV export. It generates a comma separated values of the GPS plots. Also the exported file includes data of crossed trap lines where you can calculate the lap times.
  • etb instruments provide free software that includes gps input - could you use that?

    link here: http://www.etbinstruments.com/Digidash_Downloads.htm

    or race technology software for the DL1?

  • First of all, thanks a lot for this chrono! This is the first thing that makes it worthwhile to carry a mobile with me.

    I'm also interested to analyze my lap data in more detail. Does anyone have any suggestions what would be a proper software for this?
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    RaceChrono v0.90 beta (see the news) can export VBox (*.VBO) format now. You can use any software that reads that format, for example http://www.performancebox.co.uk/dlsoftware.html
    The start/finish line is not exported there so you still need to add it manually. Also it's not very good in calculating lap times, but has nice big graphs etc.
  • Thanks for this hint. Looks very promising.
  • I think this could be useful: http://hackawii.com/wiimote-car-acceleration-monitoring/
    If somebody can use a wiimote as acceleration logger it could be easy to implement also for racechrono.
    In my case it would be great to connect BT to the wiimote and later join an adjust with the gps dataloggertracks.
    Then you have everything!
    I´m also looking for that N95...
  • I've done a prototype Wiimote interface for RaceChrono, but not sure if that will ever hit the product. :-) At least needs lots of polishing etc.
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    WOW, Antti, that's a major release. :) And the graphic visualization is very close to what I need, congratulations and keep up the good work.

    As for the data analysing on a PC, Performancebox is great, but looks more "inclined" to... performance testing, unsurprisingly. I'd like a more track-oriented approach - for instance, a graphic view of where I'm braking and accelerating, like green when accelerating, yellow when coasting and red when braking. All superimposed on the track layout. But that's being picky, I know - do any of you know such a tool?
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    Hello Edoardo, I'm very glad you like the new release. I don't know such software you described, but maybe I can add this feature easily to RaceChrono for future versions! I think it's great idea. It actually would be much more useful than the current track layout drawn with speed color. Added to my to-do list.
  • Antti, it's not really my idea, it was just a "stolen" feature from the X-crono-T system. :) Glad you've liked that.
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    Doesn't matter, you are welcome to propose all features you think are worth copying! :)
  • Is it possible to run Racechrono within the Nokia SDK emulator? I've had limited success in installing, but cannot get it to run. Possible?
  • Sorry that is not possible. The .SIS will probably install but the .EXE is wrong (the emulator wants a WINSC build, not ARM).
  • A shame. I was hoping to use the emulator function to test out the app. I've used it once before on a friends phone, If it suits my needs I'll probably by an S60 phone to use it :)

    I have collected some data and track information, just want to look at the analysis options.
  • You could have a look at OakGPS (http://www.oakgps.com/index_eng.html) as NMEA analysis software. I reviewed my recent trip to the 'Ring with it. You can colourise the map to show braking and acceleration.
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    I've used OakGPS in the past, it was great. Too bad Åke has stopped the development and nothing has happened in years.
  • ...AOL...and now what software do you use??
  • I use usually RaceChrono only. But occasionally I also use the http://www.performancebox.co.uk/dlsoftware.html as well.
  • I recommend using the free software DANAS made available in http://www.i2m.it/Download.html
    This and 'an excellent software for telemetry. !!!!!
    Law files. Dat must then convert into file.nmea. Dat with the software GPS PARSER.

    Gps Parser convert file .nmea in file.dat !!

    gps Parser is downloadable in my site!!.. http://www.webalice.it/amax54/search.htm
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    ahh...GPS parser work with JAVA machine istalled!!
    dowload in:

  • All right thanks! I will take a look on the format, maybe there will be native support for this in the next version.
  • hi...

    first sorry cause I´m from Brazil and my english isn´t soo god !!!

    where i can find this software ???



    thanks for the moment and congratulations for the RaceChrono
  • That VBOX software is only for their paying customers. Try the PerformanceBox link above instead.
  • Hi, congratulation for this nice piece of software.
    I tested racechrono at Misano World Circuit and I was so impressed that I decided to write a simple PC application to load exported '.csv' files and analyze data.
    Thank you and keep up the good work! :-)

    PC software: http://w2.startvg.com/tmp/racechrono-graph.zip
    Screenshot: http://w2.startvg.com/tmp/index.html
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    Very nice! Just add a graphs for speed and scale it according to traveled distance (the CSV has it), and we have a winner! :)
  • Very simple and useful program. Keep up the good work!
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