Android preview sent out today

I've sent out the Android preview today to people who have shown interest in it. I manually added everyone's emails, so mistakes are bound to happen. Please reply here (or through the feedback system) if you think you should have been included, but didn't receive emails from me today :)


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    Installed fine on my Desire. Now importing some previous sessions. Will feedback any issues.

    Whilst importing a few `old sessions`, the app quit back to the launcher screen.

    Will try and pin down the offending file.

    OK, found it. There was only the session.bin file, but not the plots.bin and nmea.txt files. It needs to check all 3 files are present before starting to import.

    I neeed to download the tracks, then the automatic track detection worked.
  • Nigep: Thanks, I'll add that import issue to the bug list.
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    If I click on an imported session, then click the wastebin to delete it.
    If I try clicking on the session again (before it has cleared from the session list), I get the Force Close Error are the process has stopped unexpectedly.

    If I wait after deleting the session, it doesn`t disappear from the session list, I have to go back to the splash screen then back to sessions to update the sessions list.

    The speeds / distances are in km/h, I can`t change them to MPH.

    When browsing the previous session, the GPS Speed at the highlighted point on the circuit doesn`t show as a number, it can only be read off the graph.

    (I`m hoping these comments are OK ?) It looks good, nice slick scrolling etc.
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    Yes, this is very good feedback! Please tell which phone and OS version you are using?

    The numbers below the graph are coming, as well as mph/kph switch. Didn't forget them but run out of time.
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    AOL, you ROCK! It was like Christmas in Febuary when I recieved the email this morning.

    Installing now, or attempting to anyways, will post feedback when I can.

    You should know I am no longer running an Android phone and I will be attempting to install this either on a Blackberry Playbook with their built in Android Player or on a Windows Mobile Phone running a hacked version of Android. I know both of those things will basically negate any feedback from me, but I'll let you know what issues I'm having anyways.

    Edit: Darnit, immediate FC on the Blackberry Playbook. My hopes and dreams have been dashed, LOL.

    Edit 2: Worked on Windows Mobile phone running Android. At least I can play with it now, still bummed about the Playbook though ;) . Thankfully this was my dedicated WinMo RaceChrono phone anyways so I still get the stable 1.43 and the fun 2.0 on the same device.
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    Kyle: Sorry for the rollercoaster of emotions you just went through :) At least Android phones are cheap if you ever want to buy a dedicated RC phone ...
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    Thanks, looking forward to testing :-)
  • I was looking forward for this.
    I would be happy to do some tests.
    Could you please include me.
  • Just noticed your email :-)
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    aol, thanks for the good news!
    Testing devices: Sony Xperia X10, android last official 2.3.3, GPS internal and GPS external Qstarz 818XT.
    first I would like to say about suggestions:
    1. Please add map view option in the live tracking and post viewing.
    2. Would be nice if loaded images of map stored somewhere, becuase it just wasting the GPRS traffic and money. I travaled through one point 3 times by bus and each time images of satelite map were downloaded once again.
    3. I think it is neccesary to add another screen in Live Timer wchicj contain information about GPS sampling rate, GPS time, etc. like it was on WM.

    Using external qstarz 818XT I met some problems when connection to GPS reciever was lost or I went into the building where no GPS signal. In this case recording was freezed and programm could not reconnect to bluetooth GPS reciever. I think all bluetooth comunication was crashed. I tried to restart program was not helpfull. I could not switch on/off bluetooth on my android device anymore. Only restart of android helped in this case. I don't know was it bug of Racechrono because similar problems were when I used another GPS tracking programm.
  • installed on my Samsung Galaxy S2 with android 2.3.5

    it's a very bad weather day...tomorrow I will try some :)
  • Installed succesfully on Nexus One. Imported all previous sessions. All that I've tried works fine by now. App looks pretty good. Hope I could test it on a real track soon.
    Few things I noticed:
    1. No landscape mode on main screen. Yep, I can touch Start button even if the text is from bottom to the top when the device is on the windscreen mount. But it's better to keep a dedicated layout =)
    2. There is no ability to see accurate speed value on the graph. Grid gives some idea of what the speed was about, but I'd like to know the exact max speed at a given pont of the lap.
    3. There is "Edit" icon on the Action Bar almost everywhere. But it does nothing on some screens.
  • When I "exit" the remains active and I have to close it manually from the task manager

  • How can I import a previous session?

    I've created a folder in the \racechrono\ dir called session_2012-02-11_13-20 and pasted into the 3 files of a session but the program do not see them
  • Works fine on my ASUS Transformer tablet ;-)))
  • Q1: Is it possible to continue stopped session
    Q2: Is it possible to turn-off satellite layer on the map
  • It will be nice to browse the tracks for their "use"

    For Example Three big categories_

    - Minimoto Tracks
    - PitBike, Supermoto and GoKart Tracks
    - Cars and Sport Bikes Tracks

    It's just an idea :)
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    my old nokia died some time ago, i have been longing for this on android can i try out the beta aswell please :)
  • Would love to have a go at this on android - have a few different phones that I can test on.
  • hello no answer concerning the way of testing the beta version ....
    I waiting for android version for a while to have an information i have a htc android 2.3.3
    and I would be very happy to test this release
    thank you for your reply
  • cyrille: I needed some sleep :)
  • David125: Copy the old sessions to \RaceChrono\Sessions\ . The "session_..." folder is a new format session.
  • rocas: It does nothing on the "Session overview". Everywhere else it should do something :) I added the other feature requests to my urgent TODO list.
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    1) I'll do map mode soon, put it to my urgent list
    2) This is harder, would need to use google static map API or something. Lot of work. I plan to do a "black map" at some point to prevent data usage. I'm afraid the data usage is a problem with current version.
    3) I agree.
  • @aol

    Lol...I've tried all the ways except the "easiest" one :D

    ok so the first issue:


    possibility to "move" the entire gps route on the track to have a precise path on the track
  • another thing...this I think is quite easy...

    it's possible to add in the speed graph a dynamic box that shows the speed? (in the comparison mode...2 boxes, the second one with the difference)
  • David125: Yes, I plan to add some numbers to the graph, so you can see the actual reading.
  • thanks to add me for the test i hope you have a good sleep....
    thanks thanks thanks
  • When I tried to run first time Racechrono with external qstarz 818xt I selected external gps in the app. Then I just pushed the red button "START". Actually I expected that racecrono app will enable bluetooth and connect to gps automatically but it was not.
    The next may step was enabling bluetoth in the OS android, after this step gps was connected and session starts to recording.
    I remmember (just cheked it) that on WM when I start session racechrono ask me to enable bluetooth.
    Would be nice to make same feature om android.
  • KAC: Sounds reasonable, I'll add that to the list.
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