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Translators wanted!



  • Hello Italians? Why no volunteer translators?! :)
  • Hi, I can give you some help for Italian translation
  • Italian here! I'm a software developer too! We can arrange something if you need me!
  • nikob72, sent you email while ago, did you get it?
  • ironmaiden189, sent you email as well.
  • Well, the application is fully translated to Spanish, but if you need a Spanish translator (and Informatic Technical Engineer) in the future, I´ll be there.
    Ah, a correction: the spanish word "salvar" is not a good translation for the word "save" (it´s a false friend) but "guardar" is the correct translation. The word "salvar" is like "rescue".

  • caviedes55, thanks, I will pass that correction to the translators. I will also contact you if any of the current Spanish translators get bored with their job :)
  • Jajaja!! No problem aol.
  • Hi,
    in the session view the german translation has a bug.
    "Optimal" and "Scnellste" should be switched and there is a missing "h" in "Scnellste" (should be "Schnellste")
  • Sima79, I've passed this along to the translators, thank you for feedback!
  • aol I can help with the Portuguese from Portugal version. I think 90 % is probably the same as the Portuguese from Brasil, but there are a few differences here and there :)
  • I can help with Chinese (traditional). LMK
  • Hello everyone, what about the Russian version.
  • Hi, I could help with the dutch translation if necessary. I could work together with mmrizio.
  • I can translate to Latvian.
  • aolaol
    edited October 2014
    Still looking translators to complete the Italian translation! It's half done now. Next language will be Korean (South Korea), any volunteers?
  • I can do Korean (south) ! I am an Korean-American ~
  • Jakeeu, I've sent you email.
  • I can help with Italian translation.
  • edited December 2014
    I can translate to Chinese(PRC Simple).
  • I am willing to participate in the Russian translation.
    But absolutely do not own programming skills.
    Let's translate that - will work.
  • I can do the translation in Polish, no problem.
  • Hey, if you ever need a Greek translation I am more than willing to help! I can imagine it is low on your priorities but I am sure that there are some people that will appreciate it!
  • I can translate to Czech and/or Slovak if you want
  • If you need help to translating in italian call me ;)
  • I can translate in Slovenian langue!
  • I can try and translate to Hebrew...
  • Anyone that could help me with Japanese translation?
  • I can translate to Finnish :3
  • If you need Korean translator, please let me know.
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