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Translators wanted!

edited February 2017 in General
Do you read English fluently, but would still like to see RaceChrono for Android translated to your language? If so, and if you don't mind doing a bit of work to support RaceChrono, please contact me through tracks(at)

Is there any reward? In addition to having RaceChrono translated to your language, main contributors of each language will get their names to the translated version of the app.

Edit: The app is now translated to all main central and southern European languages: Spanish, Portuguese (also Brazil), French, German and Italian (will be released soon). Now looking for Japanese and Korean translators! Possibly Russian translation is coming too, but there seems to be plenty of volunteers for that.


  • Where is all volunteers from Italy and Spain? :)
  • I'm up for the job translating to brazilian portuguese.
  • RoNiN, I'll email you.
  • Hi ! I'll do the spanish one :)

    I'm from Salamanca (Spain), the root of Spanish language :P

  • aolaol
    edited January 2014
    I'm will have optimally two translators per each language so there is still room for additional Spanish and Portuguese translators! This way there is always someone to proof read, and possibly give second opinion on spelling and terms.

    kikers, thats great! I will email you instructions once I recruit another volunteer. I'm using a crowdsourcing web site to do this so the process is actually quite straightforward.
  • If you need a second translator for brazilian-portuguese, you can count me in.
  • I can do translations to Dutch (Netherlands).
  • i can do translation to German
  • aol, i'm still up for it, waiting for the e-mail.
  • RoNiN, e-mail re-sent. If cannot see it, please check your hotmail spam folder.
  • aolaol
    edited March 2014
    Localization status:

    Italian: looking for couple of volunteers!
    Portuguese: looking for volunteer to review and translate Portuguese (Brazil) to Portuguese (Portugal)
    Spanish: complete
    German: almost complete
    Portuguese (Brazil): complete
    French: complete
    Other languages: doing the languages above first
  • I'll be more than happy to also help with the spanish translation.
  • krestudo, I've sent you email.
  • I can help review or translate to Brazilian portuguese, if still needed. I´m a heavy Racechrono user. I use racechrono to log a 10hz external GPS, to analyse kart performance "on the fly", and to generate Race Videos with Racerender like this: . You can see the Racechrono running...
  • Dirceu, thanks for volunteering! If either of the two current translators ever quit, I will contact you. There will be new strings in new versions, but currently the translation is complete.
  • I can do Spanish (Latin American) if you still need it.
  • blindstuff, is Latin American Spanish much different than Spanish Spanish? The Spanish translation it self is complete.
  • You will have some differences, but not enough to warrant separate translations. If you have Spain Spanish done, that will be enough for everybody to understand.
  • I can help with the german translation.
  • Sima79, the German translation is looking quite good right now but I will contact you if needed.
  • Hi, I can help with polish transaltion.
  • I can help with Russian
  • I also can help with Russian
  • I can do a Hungarian translation if needed.
  • I'm happy to do/boost Hungarian as well.
  • i can help you with the swedish part
  • I offered you to help with french translation years ago, back to the Symbian version, when I wrote the french tutorial... but it seems that you've already found what you need ;)
    Anyway, if you need someone to else, let me know!
  • aolaol
    edited April 2014
    gamerfou, ah yes, you did. Sorry for not asking you first :) Getting French translators was easy...
  • aolaol
    edited April 2014
    Still missing Italian translators! I need volunteers! :)

    PS. I appreciate all the offers for smaller languages, like Swedish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Holland, Polish etc! I will be only doing the bigger languages at first, because more translations means slower release cycle. So I will look how the process goes with 5-6 languages, and decide then which new languages get translated. I will be picking the languages in order of biggest in install base. According that next new one after Italian would be Russian.
  • We can arrange the Russian translations for you.
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