Can someone take a look at my session. NMEA corrupted maybe?

I have just finished a practice day at the track, I must have done about 20 laps throughout the day I guess(all as one session in RC). During the day all my laps were showing fine in RC and my fastest lap was recorded as 1:14.1, however now when i look back at the same session in RC, only 4 laps are showing and the fastest is 1:16.3? Strangely "travelled route duration" shows as a weird number like -322? and no travelled route shows in the travelled route screen.
I think something in one of my session files maybe corrupted, I hope one of the genius's here will be able to take a quick look and give my some suggestions to how to fix it - i dont know enough about .nmea.
Heres a link to my session files (~400kb):

I would really appreciate any help - its my first time on this track so really need to study my laps.


  • Just bumping this - I would really appreciate someone that knows more than me to take a look.
  • Ok,
    I am looking at your data and it looks fine, but what I don't see is any traps on the track itself. The S/F is not on the plotted course. What track is this at?
  • Update
    I assume the track you wanted was Hampton Downs. The S/F you have doesn't mach up to the GPS data. I added a one at the point where it looks like it is at on the track map. The Lap times it now shows are:

    So the easiest fix I can see is open your session, delete the invalid start/finish line, then add a new one by using the Browse Traps/Add trap option and then using the arrow keys to forward you session to where the s/f is and add the new trap. I can also just send the .bin file I have as well, but I think the first way may be faster for you.
  • Thanks mhoward, yes I can shift the start line myself but I think something more fishy than that is going on... The laptiming was working fine all day so the traps must have been ok originally and there should be more like 20 laps - many of them were 1:14/1:15. The travelled route doesnt even show on my screen and it shows -322 for the session duration?
    Did you just copy the files into your RC folders or did you "import as new session"?
    Thanks for your help.
  • I imported the NMEA file. I can also take a look at your bin file if you want.
  • Thanks, I appreciate your help. The session.bin and plot.bin is in that zip, I donot know how you look at those - tried notepad etc...
  • They are coded and not text files. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any more data in the Bin files. There only seems to be the two sessions with a break in between. Could there be another session that recorded?
  • mhoward - thanks for taking the time to look at those files for me. My PDA was playing up a bit that day so I think maybe it didnot save some data or something before it was turned off. I had some funny notice earlier in the day "race chrono has paused the session because there is only 1.9Gb of memory left"??, but after I resumed it seemed to run fine and I was getting live lap timing fine all day?
    Never mind - thanks again.
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