RaceChrono v7.2 beta



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    Had to release one beta to fix an urgent issue.

    Change log for RaceChrono v7.2.8:
    - Fixed: Broken audio when exporting overlaid video (Samsung S21 and possibly others)
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    Would it be possible to add support for some subaru JDM ecus? I can't read any data with my obd2 mx, but something like btssm can. I suspect it already works if I knew the pids to map.

    There are some definitions for romraider here that might be useful in making the ecu profile? https://www.romraider.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=7594
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    @beatus It should be possible with OBDLink MX, as it has a wide range of supported protocols, even the obscure ones. But like you said, you'd need to know the details of the bus and how to access the data with ELM327 command set (that OBDLink MX and other readers implement).
  • Hi I have purchased Wit Motion BLE 5.0 IMU-sensor and it is working perfectly with RaceChrono, but would it be possible to pull angle data from it? It generates Angle(x,y,z) data as well. I have wanted to see it to know how much my bike leans.
  • @Terry675 unfortunately the angle data from WitMotion does not work on a motorcycle. But I'm working on a solution for this for next year's major version.
  • @aol Wow, looking forward to it!
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