Tutorial: Remote controlling GoPro action camera

The GoPro remote control feature has been rewritten for RaceChrono v5.0, and the usage has been changed a bit. Please read this new tutorial about it. For most of the parts this tutorial applies for both iOS and Android, but some steps are platform specific. I’ve marked these steps as iOS only or Android only.
Also notice that Android will switch to your camera Wi-Fi network automatically, while on iOS you need to manually switch the Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Please familiarise yourself with how to record video with the internal camera first.
  2. Make sure your camera has been paired with your phone. Best and only way to do this properly, is to install GoPro’s capture app, and add your camera there. This way you make absolutely sure the camera Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth on GoPro HERO 5) has been paired properly with your phone. It may be enough to just connect your camera Wi-Fi once for HERO 2 and 3, but for newer cameras like HERO 4 and 5 you really need to pair properly using the official GoPro app.
  3. Turn on your camera, and turn on Wi-Fi on your camera (always on for HERO 5).
  4. iOS only: Connect your phone to the the camera’s Wi-Fi network. Notice that a GoPro HERO 5 will be connected through Bluetooth (in addition to Wi-Fi), so manually switching to Wi-Fi is only required if you need the camera preview. On GoPro HERO 4 you always need to switch your Wi-Fi network.
  5. Android only: Make sure your phone Wi-Fi networking and location services is turned on (in Android > Settings > Location). Location services is needed so RaceChrono can search the nearby Wi-Fi networks.
  6. HERO 2, 3 and 3+ only: Turn on the camera and camera Wi-Fi, and connect your phone to the camera Wi-Fi. Check you can really connect you your camera: Open on your phone’s web browser. You should see something like in the screenshot below.
  7. Go to RaceChrono > Settings and tap the ‘Add camera’ button.
  8. HERO 4 and 5 only: Select GoPro 4/5. Then select your camera from the list once it appears on the list. It it doesn’t appear there, probably the camera or the camera Wi-Fi is not turned on.
  9. HERO 2, 3 and 3+ only:  Select your camera type. You will be asked for IP-address (usually and your camera password. The password is same as the camera Wi-Fi password.
  10. Start new RaceChrono session and switch to the camera preview screen.
  11. Both internal and GoPro cameras are used for video recording as default, but you can disable either of the cameras from the camera preferences boxes. You can also change your GoPro resolution and FPS settings.

  12. HERO 4 and 5 only: Optionally you can enable (and disable) the camera preview by tapping the preview icon (Wi-Fi connection needed, as GoPro HERO 5 might be connected over Bluetooth only).
  13. Tap the ‘Record video’ button on right side of the screen to start recording video. Your GoPro action camera should start video recording immediately. Same button (or ‘Stop recording’ button) will also stop the video recording.
  14. The video files will appear as “missing” in the session video list, as they cannot be downloaded while recording. After recording your session and its videos, the next step is to copy the video files over to your phone. I will write the next tutorial about this shortly.
  15. For additional sessions, you will only need to repeat steps 3, 4, 10 and 13.

NOTICE for Android users: It’s important to know that when ever you are connected to the camera’s Wi-Fi, you do not have internet connectivity. This is an Android limitation, and it applies even if you have 3G/4G connection. So if you’re running on a new track, you need to download the track beforehand, as RaceChrono cannot download it automatically while already connected to the camera.