RaceChrono Pro for iOS released!

After more than a year of very hard work, I’m happy to announce that RaceChrono Pro for iPhone and iPad has just been released! I really hope you like it! The feature set is almost 100% identical to the Android version,  so you shouldn’t be missing out on anything. The support for external devices is the biggest difference, as iOS has it’s own requirements for the Bluetooth devices that it can connect. So please make sure you consult our support page before purchasing any external devices to pair your RaceChrono Pro for iOS. Get it from the App Store button below:

If you’re a fan of RaceChrono, but do not own iOS devices yourself, make sure to recommend it to friends that do!

A full feature list and screenshots are available on our new front page as well as in the App Store listing. Here’s a couple of screenshots anyways: