Why am I getting constant “Connecting to GPS…” message with my Dual XGPS 160?

Some firmwares of Dual XGPS 160 have proven to have unreliable connection to iOS. Here’s a checklist for resolving the connection problems:

  1. Reboot your iOS device and power cycle the XGPS. Sometimes the connection goes to invalid state and can only be resolved by rebooting. Always try this first.
  2. Install ‘SkyPro GPS Status Tool’ app. Always try to connect with this app before blaming the third party apps. You can also try to update your GPS firmware with this app. As of writing this article, reliable firmwares according to my own tests are v1.5.1, v2.2.1, v2.4.1 and v3.4.0 depending on your hardware version.
  3. If you cannot connect at all, you can try to update the firmware using a Windows computer: http://gps.dualav.com/explore-by-lifestyle/car/xgps160-for-navigation-apps-new/#tabs-8